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Products & Services

RAIN's product range can be divided into 4 sub-splashes. These are categorized according to seasonal needs and the specific collection. These sub-splash collections are, SummerRA!N, RA!Nfall and WinterRA!N, and last but not least
BabyRA!N. Each collection cater for its specific seasonal requirements. Using a large range of fabrics, trimmings, colours, and textures each collection promises to deliver the unique and comfortable beauty that only RA!N can afford you!

SummerRA!N is a light-weight, easy-wear free flowing range. It makes use of the lightest, most breathable fabrics available to ease the summer heat. This collection uses lace and other trimmings to add a touch of individual detail to each garment. Inspired by the whimsical laughter and happiness of summer, this light weight easy wear ensembles come in a range of lighter colours such as white, cream, pink, orange, sky blue and green. Custom colours can be sourced for special orders.

RA!Nfall is specially designed for all you earth lovers out there! Using the additional pieces to either dress up or dress down your garment or simply adjusting it according to the weather, this range is flexible and can be worm all year. Inspired by the dropping leaves of fall this range makes use of natural earth tones such as browns, greens, rustic oranges, and more. Texture is added to each garment with lace detail and trimmings

WinterRA!N will cater to your every need during winter. Whether you long for warmth, comfort or simply want to look your best all year round. This collection overflows in rich fabrics like Velvets and Lace, with layers upon layers of individual creativity, keeping you warm and looking great! Deep rich colours such as wine red, deep purple, chocolate, avocado green, black, moon sky grey and more are used for this collection.

BabyRA!N is a fairy inspired look catering for girls aged 0-6. This range uses soft easy flow materials making it comfy for little girls. Plains, Flowers and Fairy inspired patterns are used to make your little angel look and feel like a princess. BabyRA!N carries a certain sophistication that no other children clothing ranges offers, whilst still keeping it comfortable and flexible for her. The BabyRA!N collection also offers a MOMMY–AND-ME range, allowing for specially designed ensembles for both mother and daughter. The garments will be designed and made using the same inspiration, same textures and the same/similar colours. These theme-matched outfits are ideal for family photographs, weddings, birthday events or simply if you want to make an impression!


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